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Golden Threads Peruvian Artistry is weaving a sacred thread of healing, reciprocity and mutual support between the North and the South. In alignment with the Eagle Condor Prophecy we are awakening greater connections throughout our global family.


Sacred Weaving 

In these times of world changes and prophecy we are being called by the voices of our Ancestors and Spirit to merge our business centered North American mindset with that of the ancient and spiritually-wise peoples in the Andes of South America.

Abraham Alberto Fernandez Santa Cruz

Abraham Alberto Fernandez Santa Cruz

The Eagle Condor prophecy, spoken of by indigenous tribes worldwide, suggests there will be a great awakening when the Eagle of the North once again flies wingtip to wingtip with the Condor of the South, i.e.-when the peoples of the North once again honor the deeply held wisdom and life-ways of the peoples of the South, so that an essential rebalancing can occur.

One of the ways we have been called to support this prophecy is through the creation of a conscious business that will ensure that Peruvian communities in need, thrive. It is our prayer that Golden Threads will support Andean villagers in maintaining their ability to continue their sacred and ancient technology of weaving.

In sourcing our textiles, jewelry and sacred art, we are working directly with our trusted paqo, don Abraham Alberto Fernandez Santa Cruz, to find the specific communities in most need, to partner with.

Enjoying these beautiful products and sharing them with your family and friends supports the fulfillment of our mission. Thank you!

Please consider coming to Peru to travel and learn directly from don Abraham Alberto Fernandez Santa Cruz. Alberto and I have been ask to co-guide the Eagle Condor Pilgrimage this year. This will be a Deep and Powerful journey. Dates are October 20-November 1….. See link below:


Building Resilience. Deepening Friendship. Preserving Tradition.



Social and Environmental Equity Programs


Golden-Threads, Lea Motlow, is a Collaborator of the Eagle Condor Council and supports their social and environmental equity programs.

“Eagle Condor Council strives to walk in sacred reciprocity (ayni) and right relations. We recognize what a  great privilege it is to practice and share the traditions and practices sanctioned to us by our teachers. We also acknowledge the ills and suffering caused by colonization and cultural appropriation. Our commitment is to help our teachers and their communities become more resilient so that their traditions and teachings are not lost ... 

As an organization, we seek to walk in right relationship with Pachamama, the living earth. As such, we recognize that as part of the industrial world we create harmful greenhouse gasses as a consequence of our work and travel. We have partnered with (Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty) to help ensure that we are doing as little damage as possible to the earth’s ecosystems." — Jeff Firewalker



Lea Motlow