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Our Story


The Calling

In July of 2017 I went to Peru for my 61st Birthday and it was the next step on a calling that I had three years before on a personal 12 day Vision Quest.

The trip was a 12 day journey to sacred sites with Jeff Firewalker and Ellen Kittredge as an extension of the Eagle Condor training that I had just completed in May 2017. (

Everywhere we went there were these beautiful Andean mountain people, mainly women, who would put out their gorgeous textiles on blankets to sell. As the trip progressed we went to higher elevations until we reached our final stop, Apu Ausangate, where we stayed for 3 days.

It was a 2 hour hike from the lower village to the base camp we had set up on the mountain, and the women and children would walk up each morning and descend back down every evening.

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The dedication of these women and children coming into our camp each day, carrying their wares on their backs, struck a deep cord within me. I realized I wanted to do more to support these beautiful people in sharing their sacred craft with the world.

Golden Threads has been created as the answer to a direct call from Spirit that I received during my 3 days on Ausangate.

We are offering textiles and other items from the communities in Peru that have the most need. Supporting the communities is our first intention. Additionally, we want to offer these special items at pricing that is affordable to the North.

We ask you to support this vision by purchasing products and sharing with your friends and neighbors as this path unfolds.

Many blessings, much love and deep gratitude for being a part of something that creates a future that works for us all.

Anyayki Kuyayki (Sacred Thanks)

— Lea