Thursday, 6 August 2015



In 1947 my parents, Gordon and Patricia Macleod, moved from Buccleuch, near Johannesburg, to Cape Town where we lived with my maternal grandmother, a widow living in Plumstead, for about three years. I was aged 5 and my sister, Sally, was a few months old.

I went to a nearby kindergarten run by a “Miss Bane” where I met and made friends with Peter Newill. On one occasion my mother, pushing a pram in which my baby sister of a few months old lay, had arrived at Miss Bane’s home to fetch me. My mother often related how, as Peter Newill (aged 5) and I came out of the school, young Peter peered into the pram and, turning to my mother, said to her: “Mrs Macleod, what a beautiful daughter you have!”. This quaint true story has done the rounds ever since, especially by Sally’s and my late Dad for, many years later, in 1968, Sally and Peter were married in St Saviour’s Church, Claremont!

Sally and Peter have been blessed with a loving marriage and a wonderful family. They have been married for 47 years and have four children and fourteen grandchildren. Craig and his wife Kate and their four children, living in Australia; Kelly and her husband, Yaron and their seven children, in Israel; Taryn and her husband, also named Craig, and their four children living in Plumstead; and Kirsten, their youngest daughter, in Cape Town. 

Recently my sister reminded me how it was through me,way back in the 1980’s, that she, her husband, Peter, and son Craig, were introduced to St James Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town. 
                                                              - penned by Guy Macleod 6th August 2015.

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