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Pastor Roger Horwood
On Saturday, 15th August 2015, about 100 guests from all around South Africa and overseas, including the USA and France, attended the wedding of  David & Linda van der Merwe's, daughter, Jessica, to Richard. David van der Merwe is a cousin of Guy Macleod and Sally Newill.
The guests were met and greeted at Cape Town's  magnificent  One & Only Hotel at the Waterfront where they were served with Hors d'oeuvres and bubbly on the hotel’s beautiful terrace, whilst  enjoying the African rhythms of amaAmbush.

Vernon Buxton, David & Linda
The Wedding Vows then took place in the Ballroom, with Pastor Roger Horwood, emphasising that marriage is not a "contract" that can easily be broken but a "covenant" that is based on three vitally important elements - "Sacrificial Love" - where each partner gives not less than 100% to the marriage, "Unconditional Love"  and "Never Ending Love".

A scrumptious five-course dinner, which focused on traditional Cape dishes made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients prepared by the hotel’s chefs, then followed.
Vernon Buxton who has spent many years in the travel industry (including as a travel magazine editor) flew down from Johannesburg to be the Master of Ceremonies. What a marvellous raconteur he was and with such a great sense of humour!
The celebrations, with a fabulous DJ, continued until very late at night with much gaiety and dancing and included a photo booth complete with wigs and crazy glasses for a bit of "lovely, memorable silliness".

Michael Macleod & Kristelle
Amongst the guests were Guy & Roshan and 8 year-old Jalal and Guy's son, Michael, and his Belgian girlfriend, Kristelle.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this truly exceptional and memorable evening and joined together in wishing Richard and Jessica a lifetime of health, happiness and prosperity.

To Richard and Jessica, and to David and Linda and Richard's Mum, Sue, and to all the other overseas guests we wish you a “bon voyage” when you return home. 

And to Richard and Jessica and to David and Linda we look forward to your next visit to South Africa.

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