Sunday, 2 August 2015


Roshan Nambafu Macleod is a lass with a mission and that is to excel at wherever she applies her mind . 
The eldest of 5 children she had to go out to work  to help her mother support her 4 younger siblings after the sudden death of her father just after she matriculated. (With her help, two of her sisters eventually graduated - one as an enrolled nurse and one as a primary school teacher.) 
Years later, Roshan met and married Guy Macleod on his “déjà vu” visit to Entebbe in Uganda.
Encouraged by her husband, Roshan has already completed several short courses to improve her knowledge and skills including Xhosa, Bookkeeping, a Paralegal Practitioner's course, First Aid levels 1 & 2, Home Based Care, St John's First  Aid and a Dale Carnegie course and in 2014 she started “Macleod Care” in Plumstead, Cape Town. 

Roshan, who is the mother of an 8 year-old son, is also an able seamstress and gourmet cook and is currently doing further additional on-line courses.
Roshan is self-effacing, intelligent and very spiritual. She has a ready smile and is a compassionate carer who believes in “going the extra mile” and helping her fellow human-beings wherever and whenever she can.

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