Wednesday, 19 August 2015


TERRY WALLACE, step-son of the late Helmine Wallace (nee Macleod) and Kerry Wallace, qualified in engineering and commerce at UCT and later, with a partner, started his own business, the well-known civil engineering firm of “Burger & Wallace” has not yet “retired” , and still remains very active.   Married to his lovely wife, Lindsay, a physiotherapist, they have two sons.  Stephen is a talented sportsman who captained the Rondebosch Boys’ High School First X1 Cricket team as well as the  school’s Rubgy  First XV team whilst his older brother, James , is more keen on camping and fishing.Terry and Lindsay plan to visit the UK next month (September) to watch Stephen playing rugby there.

JOHN DE KOCK, a former land-surveyor, and his wife, Hermine, left South Africa many years ago and settled in Oxfordshire in the UK . It has been with much sadness to hear the news this week, from his only daughter, Michele, of his death in March this year, at the age of 92. 

Last year (2014) John, at the age of 91,  had major heart surgery which was very successful  but subsequently had a fall and fractured two vertebrae and was again hospitalised. He made satisfactory progress and was discharged but developed an infection from which he never recovered. He died peacefully at his home as was his wish and his daughter, Michele, was with him at the time.  His widow, Hermine, is still a very active person at 88 and plays bridge and still drives. Her brother, John, lives quite close by and her daughter, Michele  (whose married name is "Heaney"), lives a two-hour drive away in London. It was John de Kock's wish to die at their beautiful home and his daughter, Michele, was with him at the time. 
John de Kock is survived in South Africa by only two of his "de Kock" family cousin peers, Barbara Geach and Brietta Altern, both of Cape Town.

Joanne, Anna Gibson, Anita

ANNA GIBSON, step-grandmum to Guy and Sally who lives in Johannesburg and will be 89 in December, was  recently hospitalised for an infection. We are very delighted to say that her daughter, Anita, today advised that she will  be moved from ICU into a ward and will start walking and building up her strength and we hope she will soon be able to return home. Our loving and caring thoughts are with her.

Len McLeod

LEONARD McLEOD, a past president of the Clan Macleod Society of South Africahas just returned to Somerset West from one of his regular family visits to the UK where he stayed with one of his four daughters. We hope that Len is fit and well again after having recently had a bout of high blood pressure and look forward to seeing him soon.

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