Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Michael Macleod, 27, showed his artistic and creative talents from a young age. At high school (Rondebosch Boys’ High) he taught himself 3D animation and started making short movies. After leaving school he decided to further his studies in this field so enrolled at UCT to study “film and media”.

After four years Michael graduated with two degrees, a B.A and a BA (Hons) and in his honours graduation year was awarded the Robin Cohen prize for exceptional effort. He also completed a Dale Carnegie Course in Cape Town and in the same year directed and produced his own short film called “La Chambre” which was screened at the Labia Cinema in Cape Town. “La Chambre” showed Michael’s very good “out of the box” thinking abilities as well as his creative and artistic talent including some clever “green screen” effects and various compositing techniques.

After obtaining his degrees Michael completed a short UCT course on Business and Finance, a Harvard course on Computer Programming and attended a “successful entrepreneurs” seminar in Sandton at which Sir Richard Branson was one of the guest speakers. He has designed and produced some remarkably creative websites and excellent computer graphics for several companies

Self-effacing of nature Michael is gifted with a naturally positive attitude towards life. 
He has a self-motivated, entrepreneurial spirit and regularly explores new ideas for web-based services and start-ups  and he is presently working with a small team of dedicated programmers on a web-based service which he hopes will inspire many people.

Aside from his business interests Michael has also enjoyed ballroom dancing, still finds time for a hard work-out at gym every day as well as occasional  “leisure reading” - in particular, biographies that are inspiring and positive.  

Very recently Michael, together with a university-pal, Matthew Milne, published a book,    “Thumbs Up” - a “fun, practical guide to surviving without your smartphone for 24 hours and loving life at the same time”. It is available as an e-book or can be ordered from Amazon and is a great read for young and old, especially those who are addicted or reliant on their smartphones.
Michael’s dream and mission in life is:-

 “To do something special with technology that will help bring about a change in our thinking that  will ultimately change and shape the world we live in for the better”.

If you would like to contact Michael please email him on mike01.mac@gmail.com

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