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More than 30 years ago a  dashing, impeccably mannered and presentable  Englishman by the name of Jonathan Berkeley Constable ("John" to his friends)  came  to South Africa  and in no small way has left a footprint of kindness and caring in this rainbow nation of ours. 

In his much younger days in the UK John  raced with Stirling Moss and to this day still has a great love of motor cars. He is married to a lovely lady and is an active member of the Crankhandle Club in Cape Town and still spends much of his time helping others.

John Constable & Robyn Macleod
John joined a non-profit organisation, the Robin Trust, in Pinelands (Cape Town) shortly after it was founded. 
The Robin Trust was inspired by, and named after, Robyn Macleod, a little girl who had a terminal illness (see photo at left). Also see the separate blog post entitled "From Tragedy to Helping Others". 

Although now in "retirement", John remains an icon of  good health - matching men at least a decade or two his junior - and still makes time to help friends and acquaintances  in need. For example, he regularly visits or  takes out folk who are recovering from illness or perhaps just in need of companionship for coffee outings and  drivesHe also does voluntary work for St Lukes and other charitable organisations - all of this as he approaches his 9th decade ! 

John is independent of thought, non-partisan, and has a strong sense of fair play and respects  his fellow human beings regardless  of their status, language, culture, religion or ethnicity. Apart from being a "friend in need"  John is always willing  to offer sound words of wisdom and advice.

John Constable - husband, father, friend and companion - is one of life's true, unconditional "carers and givers". 

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